Thursday, August 21, 2008

More News on Todd Bentley

Todd Bentley has called an end to his meetings in Lakeland and has also announced that he and his wife are separating. Ask me if I'm shocked, the answer is no. This man has been preaching an unorthodox message for years now. When your understanding of God is this off there is bound to be consequences in the way you live your life.

But what are we to think, most of us are not in Lakeland, most of us were not in the crowds swarming to hear him preach and see his sideshow. So what are we to think. How are we to respond to this failure.

First, I think we need to remember that we are sinners and capable of sin beyond what we are willing to entertain in our waking hours. Let us thank God that he has restrained us from a similar fall ourselves.

Second, we need to always remember that doctrine matters. What we believe can never be separated from how we live. They will always be connected.

Third, we need to remember that in desperate times hopeless people will cling to almost anything, Todd Bentley's ministry is living proof of that.

Last, we need to be careful to ground everything in the Word of God. Apart from God's perfect self-revelation we are rudderless and can fall for anything and fall in any way. Let us thank Him for His Word and then in dependence on the Holy Spirit seek to live out that Word.

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