Monday, December 8, 2008

My Real Point - A Christ-Centered Christmas

Have you ever felt like you had a really good point to make but have been frustrated by how it came off. Well that's been my experience since I posted last. And I think I've realized my mistake, finally. I sat down to write with a settled conviction and instead wrote about a tangent instead of the real point and the real conviction.

So here's the real point we need to work hard as churches and parents to make sure that we celebrate a Christ-centered Christmas. This may or may not mean having Santa involved, but it must mean that Jesus is involved and central. It must mean that we tell our kids and everyone who will listen the story about how God entered the world in human flesh to set apart a people for Himself. We must work hard and be intentional.

There are dangers and hindrances, Santa can be one (John is living proof that it doesn't have to be), the materialistic fog that we all live in is another, and there are distractions that are in and of themselves good things. For a lot of families this is the only time that they can all get together, and this is good, we should celebrate the opportunities to be with the people that God providentially placed us with (not an accident whatever my brothers choose to think). But we still must insure that Jesus remains the center of this day.

That was my real point, I agree with John that Santa's role is a matter of conscience, that is absolutely true and Christians can disagree in good conscience, but what we cannot do is allow Jesus to slip out of the spotlight. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


Jamie Fugate said...

I think I may stick to writing book reviews.

John Lucas said...

Please don't stick to book reviews, because you are a great sharpening to this dull piece of iron. You owe no apology. I love you and cherish the conversations we have on the blog and in personal time. This is a wonderful point that I am prone to miss, and I pray Christ is central in my life and home as I can see he is so clearly in yours. (would it be awkward to add "you complete me?").

Mark Helton said...

I love this man! I can't wait until Easter!!! I am feeling a little bad though about about letting Santa preach at our church last year. Our blog now has more drama that TNT!!!!