Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

When we say that we care about the cause of life, or that we are fighting for the life of the unborn what do we really mean? What is our real goal? What is the desired outcome? And why are we so concerned?

We care because of all the people who are affected. There is obvious tragedy of the death of the newborn. This is tragic and is actually not just the removal of human tissue or a mass of cells - it is the intentional taking of a human life - by definition it is murder. But the baby is not the only person affected. There is the mother who will carry the emotional scars of her act for the rest of her life, there is also the danger of physical harm that abortion can cause to women. There is also the affect on the men involved, men because they do not carry the baby themselves have always faced the temptation to act as predators and in earlier periods of history would acts as seducers and would abandon women they impregnated, now through the advent of the abortion culture in the western world men have been emboldened to be use predatory behavior because there is now this "procedure" that will remove the effects of their actions. There is also a cost to society, when you embrace this kind of moral insanity sacrificing all for individual rights you have sacrificed any sane basis for morality and in time anything goes.

So what is our desired goal, David Reardon says it best, "Our real desire has always been to create a culture where abortion is not just illegal, but is unthinkable."Just making the act illegal is not enough we want a world where just hearing the word abortion sends a shudder down people's spines.

What is our primary tool in fighting abortion. High-tech imaging machines. Getting pro-life politicians elected. Getting pro-life laws passed and enforced. These are all good and helpful, but we must not forget that we are fighting a battle not only in courts, but rather for the hearts and minds of an entire nation, so there must be truth involved and the truth that makes all the difference is that men and women are made in the image of God. (Gen. 1:27) Because of this truth all humans have an inherent dignity that must be defended. This truth must be shared and defended. And I believe that it will be the last line of defense in an a culture that cannot differentiate between the value of animal and plant life compared to human life. Nothing but the Image of God will guard this unique value.

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