Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I thought everyone here might like to know about this amazing giveaway. A Boomer in the Pew, a Christian blogger, is giving away a Calfskin ESV Study Bible in honor of his first year anniversary as a blogger. Now I know what you are thinking: why haven't we done anything like that on here, right? So below I am including a link to the giveaway site, and I am also announcing that we will soon have a giveaway, and the winner gets to spend a weekend with Joshua Owen filing his books and papers while listening to him rattle off useless information and squabbles of the day from his world. I know, I know, how could we give away such a great gift. But the expenses will be covered in full by Dr. Owen! I mean, the guy has a PhD. and everything, so surely he can afford such a fantastic opportunity. Check back soon for more details, or just drop by Josh's house unannounced and tell him "John sent me for the weekend." He will be thrilled. :)

Click here for the ESV Giveaway.


David Porter said...

Thanks for stopping by the "Boomer in the Pew" blog to register for the new ESV Study Bible. I hope you enjoyed your visit to my blog, as much as I enjoyed my stop by yours!

If you like, please consider subscribing to my RSS feed, so that we may interact now and then.

Joshua Owen said...

John, John, John. Where do I even begin? If you really want to see what I've been up to, check out the blog we've established for the Eastern North Carolina Founders Fraternal encfoundersfraternal.wordpress.com