Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Faith and Pop Culture: A Christianity Today Study

I had never seen one of these studies before so I was very intrigued. Also I feel that too often culture evaluation is far too focused on High Culture as opposed to Pop culture which for many people is simply the air that we breath. So I went into the study with high hopes.

What I found was a series of studies evaluating eight angles of popular culture. The eight studies were; an analyses of movies as the new art form, great literature and faith, sports and the Christian, the TV dilemma, movies with crude content, violence in media, Christians in Hollywood, and the culture of entertainment.

I found this to be a great study. I will comment on the two features that I found most profitable. First the format itself was beneficial. Each study starts with a thought provoking article. I didn’t always agree with details of every article but they were selected well and set out the issues clearly and demanded reflection and response. Second the questions required biblical reflection not just knee-jerk opinions and the questions were great for group discussions not just pat answers.

Overall highly recommended and enjoyable.

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