Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Quotes for the Week

“The outcome of the great war is not in question. It is certain. Christ will reign victoriously forever. The only question we must answer is this: Will we fight on His side or against Him? We must answer this question not just once, with our words, but daily, with our choices.”
- Randy Alcorn, Heaven, 103.

“Nothing can be more evident than the fact that in the sight of God our sins are incomparably more numerous, aggravated, and criminal than they appear to us. He regards us as deserving of an endless punishment, while we scarcely perceive that we deserve any punishment at all.”
- Edward Payson, Sins Evaluated by the Light of Heaven.

“Oh, What dreadful atheism is bound up in that man’s heart, who is more afraid of the eye of his father, his pastor, his child, his servant than he is of the eye, the presence of the Lord.”
- Thomas Brooks, The Privy Key of Heaven.

“Clearly, millions of our neighbors believe that moralism is our message. Nothing less than the boldest preaching of the Gospel will suffice to correct this impression and to lead sinners to salvation in Christ.”
- Albert Mohler, Why Moralism Is Not the Gospel - - And Why So Many Christians Think It Is (from a blog post)

“Our original sinfulness and natural inclination to evil are seldom sufficiently considered. The wickedness of men is often attributed to bad examples, bad company, peculiar temptations, or the snares of the devil. It seems forgotten that every man carries within him a fountain of wickedness. We need no bad company to teach us, and no devil to tempt us, in order to run into sin. We have within us the beginning of every sin under Heaven.”
- J. C. Ryle, Expository Thoughts on Mark, 142.


Tracy said...

I like the Randy Alcorn quote. I really do think it's about every day, how we choose to live it. I'm grateful for the choice and more grateful than I know how to say for the Holy Spirit who lives within me and gives me the ability to choose to be on God's side.

Jamie Fugate said...

We have to remember that there are no neutral moments. We live in the midst of a war. And every moment we make decisions that either aid our King or one of His enemies (who are also our enemies). Our decisions can unwittingly aid the Devil in his assault on the people and glory of God, they can feed our sinful natures that war against our souls, and they can feed the brokenness of our world. Or we can live for the glory of God and Kingdom purposes. But Tracy you're right we must depend on the leadership of the Holy Spirit if we are to stay on the right path.