Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Reflections after the Revival

One of the first things I noticed when I preached at Grace was the awkwardness of not being at Sidney. I had not realized how close that we had become until I was preaching somewhere else. The first few minutes were downright uncomfortable. Praise God that was overcome, but it did give me a new appreciation for my flock.

A Pastor and the church he serves develop a special relationship. I love preaching pure and simple, it is the greatest privilege that God has given me in His service, but I love best of all preaching to my church family. Its like after being married after awhile a husband and wife develop a kind of shorthand, being able to say much more with fewer words, sometimes with just a look. I didn't have that kind of shorthand at Grace, I wasn't sure what they had heard, what I needed to to explain in detail and what was a new concept to them. Whereas here at Sidney I know what you have heard for the last year and a half, and that allows us some freedom in the directions that we move. And you are probably the only people that even try to laugh at my jokes. (Thank you for that)

So I guess I'm trying to say that I enjoyed getting to preach my first revival (Mark if you're reading thanks so much for the opportunity) but I miss you all at Sidney. I love you dearly and I am eager to get to worship with you again and to share with you again the Word of God.


Amy said...

The way you explained your feeling and the relationship with your church is very moving.

Jenny and Danny said...

We missed you, too. We realize our relationships are so special. Our church is very loving, and we never want to take that for granted. We are so blessed and so thankful God placed us at Sidney.