Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to everybody (both of our readers), I hope that you get to spend the day with family stuffing your face with Turkey and Ham and enjoying some great football (doesn't it seem wrong that we're stuck with the winless Lions on Thanksgiving). But I want to give you a challenge and ask you a question.

First I want to challenge you to take advantage of this opportunity, most of have lost people in our families and this is a guaranteed opportunity to spend an extended amount of time with them. So I think that we should take of this day and seek to share the Gospel.

Second I want to ask a question, in the new polling spirit of the blog (thanks John) I want to ask you who and what you are thankful for. First is there a particular person in church history that you are thankful for, is there a certain family member that you are thankful for, and tell me one thing that you are thankful for in regards to your spouse. Share anything you like those are just a few ideas.

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Joshua Owen said...

There are so many in the church's history for whom I am thankful. I have been reading the works of John Owen for the past several months. I am grateful for his comprehensive knowledge of subjects divine and mundane as well as his pastoral spirit and evangelistic passion that is evident on nearly every page of his writing. He clearly wrote with the design to make the gospel clear for believers and unbelievers.

I am thankful for my wife. Renae's life is a labor of love. She gives of herself to Christ, His church, me and her children. She has been a true help-mate from the earliest days of my ministry. She has certainly put as much work into my ministry as I have. The dedication page of my dissertation expresses my sentiments succinctly - to Renae, like a most rare jewel.