Thursday, July 9, 2009

John is departing but we still love him

Well today we have to say sayonara (hope I spelled that right) to John who has decided that this blog is no longer good enough and has started his own blog, which is fine or whatever.

Listen I'm just joking but I really do want you to go and read John's new blog, he shared with me his concept, his theme, and where he plans to go with his blog, and listen I got excited about reading it. So please if there are any of you who actually read this blog go to John's new blog.
It's called Food From Ravens and John's first post is up explaining the title. I have already added it to my feedreader and you should too.



Joshua Owen said...

Jamie, I'm jealous of the affection and confidence you have in John. You have never referred readers to my other blog

But I love you anyway.

Jamie Fugate said...

Apparently you don't have enough affection and confidence in me to make me aware of your blog. You just gained another reader brother, I will be subscribing immediately and I commend my much wiser (and slightly older) brother to any reader we might actually have.

With all seriousness Josh has a mind chock full of knowledge and a heart full of love for the body of Christ. Go read his stuff.

If I keep this I won't have any readers left.