Friday, June 20, 2008

Esther and David Crowder Band

I just thought that this was funny and that I'd share it with you.

Now Esther (my daughter) is of a very musical bent, she loves to sing with mommy and she plays (loose use of that word) lots of kid instruments. But the only CD that she has really gotten into is her Backyardigans CD. Well I have been on a big David Crowder kick (I go through musical moods). Yesterday we were driving in the car and I was singing along while Here is our King (my favorite Crowder song) was playing, suddenly she began yelling at me to be quiet so she could listen.

I think that there are only two possible explanations for her actions. 1) she is old enough now to realize that I have absolutely no business singing where another living person can hear, or 2) she simply has great taste in music. Or it could be both.

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