Thursday, June 5, 2008


The posting has been kind of slow lately and over the next week will be virtually non-existent. Being a Pastor and a seminary student (not for much longer) can be pretty hectic at times. And this coming week I will be taking a J-term (whole semester in a week class). This means that over the last couple of weeks and over the next week or so the little time I would normally spend blogging will be spent reading or writing a paper.

The pull back and forth between all the hats I wear is pretty hard time-wise (during the semester) and it is very draining for me. There have actually been moments where I wondered how important walking across the stage would be, since you know I am already a pastor. And since being a pastor is the sum total of my ambition, makes you think twice about the four hour drive every Monday. But the fact that I have only two classes left (and my wife's urging) has convinced me that I need to finish, besides Josh just finished his PhD and John already beat me to a Mohler handshake. So I just have to finish.

So please be patient with the blog, and I could certainly use your prayers for the coming week, I'm gonna miss Edna and Esther like crazy.

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