Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My apologies for not posting yesterday about the Southern Baptist Convention's 2008 meeting in Indianapolis, IN. I have had some issues with internet connection in my hotel, but am ready to go, so here is a quick overview so far:

I arrived late Sunday night and made it to the morning sessions of the pastor's conference. The morning's theme was brokenness and I was moved a number of times by the men who brought God's Word. They all came through situations of brokenness, but none more than Ed Littleton who gave the last address of the morning. Ed's wife of twenty five years was killed in an auto accident just eight months ago. As he spoke of the experience through the lense of God's love and tender mercies in Psalm 23, I fought tears thinking of such a thing. I was blessed to be encouraged through him, and reminded that the problems and struggles in ministry are part of the work, no exceptions. In the afternoon, James MacDonald gave a message on repentance that fast-paced and hard-hitting. Great stuff, I just wish he would have slowed down so I could soak it in! Out of a desire to remain positive on this blog, I will not make any comments regarding the evening session's speakers, except that I was very disappointed and walked out amid one of the talks (I cannot refer to them as sermons, as they had no Biblical grounding that I could tell).

Today Frank Paige brought a wonderful presidential address that was both timely and powerful. I am one who personally loves and appreciates Dr. Paige, as he has in my view done a great job at pointing the SBC to our obvious needs of improvement and responding with love to both critics and supporters. The vote for next years president was shockingly decided in only one vote (with 6 candidates in the field I was sure there would be a second ballot!). Johnny Hunt is our new President (over 52%) and I am absolutely thrilled. While I may not agree with him in every respect, he loves Jesus and has a heart evangelism. I pray that he is effective in this post and will be a catalyst for God's glory!

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