Friday, September 12, 2008


The book of Revelation is therefore an incredibly important book because it is a book about Jesus, no less than the four Gospels, and the primary book that reveals to us the picture of Jesus in heaven today as opposed to on the earth yesterday. Sadly, the book of Revelation has become the fishing pond for Christian wingnuts with an affinity for goofy charts to string together endless debates about what the mark of the beast is, who the antichrist is, and whether or not locusts are really code word for Blackhawk helicopters. Such people need both new hobbies and the right meds. Revelation is a book about Jesus and emphatically declares that in the opening line of the book, which describes the entire book as "the revelation of Jesus Christ."

- Mark Driscoll, Vintage Jesus, p. 150

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Jamie Fugate said...

Well, that was incendiary but insightful, Driscoll never fails to be entertaining does he.

But he is right in this case, the Book of Revelation powerfully reminds us that Jesus is the King, the reigning conqueror of the universe and He will return to finish the conquest, the meek and lowly one returns with sword in hand, may we all hear the words from John and be ready for the King before we hear the oncoming army.