Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Last Sunday at the church I am attending, I saw a clip from the new movie coming out in theatres called "Fireproof." This movie is produced by the same group that brought us "Facing the Giants" a few years back and its lead character is played by "Growing Pains" child star Kirk Cameron. In an interview with the Today show, he told how even though the movie script called for him kissing the actress who played his on-screen wife, producers had to use some "Hollywood magi" because of a commitment to only kiss his real-life wife of 17 years. He states:
“The reason this movie was important to me personally is because I love my wife dearly,” he said. “We’ve been married for 17 years … and we have six children. So marriage is a very special and sacred thing to us. In a day and age where marriage is falling apart, we want to make movies and projects that really uphold and have a high view of that which is beautiful and wonderful in our culture.”

This is a radical statement in our day, and I thank God for a man like Kirk Cameron who will stand on his convictions in the public eye. This is a picture of the Gospel to every husband as we should too seek to love our wives as Christ loved the church. Here is the link to the full article and the video interview, both of which I encourage you to check out. I am also excited to see "Fireproof" with my wife, and I pray husbands reading this will do the same.



Joshua Owen said...

John, are you wanting to know if we would kiss Kirk Cameron? I'm sorry my friend but I just don't go that way!

John Lucas said...

I see your hermeneutical skills of discovering authorial intent are as sharp as ever brother :)