Friday, September 5, 2008

Praying to the Real God

Prayer, if it is in any sense to be "meaningful", must be an encounter with the "real" God. The real God can be frightening. If you have never stood before God and been terribly afraid, then you have never stood before God. He isn't safe, He isn't always nice, He isn't accommodating, and He isn't in the business of making us feel comfortable with our rebellion.

Steve Brown, Approaching God: How to Pray, 21.

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Joshua Owen said...

God brought some brothers into my life today to minister His grace to me - Allen Bloom, pastor of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in Boone, NC; Chris Schofield of the Baptist State Convention of NC; and Mike Sparks, a pastor to pastors.

These men were leading a prayer retreat for pastors and staff in our association of churches. Mike spoke of our intimacy with God in prayer. Allen made great application of Hebrews 10. Chris led us in an extended time of prayer. He simply read various passages of Scripture, some of which expressed God's mind toward us, and others which expressed God-taught thoughts of the believer to His God. It was powerful. The only question I had that I need to ask Chris is why he used background music during the prayer time. Perhaps it was intended to set a mood, but I think it was unnecessary.

I was greatly benefited, and reminded of the great privilege that I often forgo.