Sunday, September 28, 2008


I have been told repeatedly that reading theology is boring and that church members will not ever read theology, we have to focus on programs and entertainment. Well I don't believe that advice and neither did Buddy Gray. He pastors the Hunter Street Baptist Church where they have started Theology Reading Groups (TRG's), and now over 800 people have read Grudem's Systematic Theology, and other theological works. It sounds absolutely intriguing and encouraging. So, I'm encouraging you to go read the article at Baptist Press.

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Joshua Owen said...

Hey Jamie, thanks for pointing out this article to me. I must have overlooked it when it was sent to my inbox. Anyway, I found this statement at the end of the article most enlightening and encouraging: "Gray told Baptist Press, 'Members are also telling me, 'Hey Buddy, you're sermons are better than they've ever been.'' Yet he said he hasn't made any substantive changes in his sermon study and preparation habits."

The more people know their God, the more they appreciate the preaching of his word. An uninformed person only "gets" about half of what is presented in a meaty sermon. The more informed listeners are able to discern the nuances of what is being taught. This is helpful for both appreciating the truth and discerning error.

Thanks again.