Sunday, May 4, 2008

120 Days with Piper

I just finished reading A Godward life by John Piper. It is kind of a daily devotional, though it has only 120 readings. So it doesn't have a years worth. Also the readings tend to be a little longer, two to three pages instead of only one small page. So in format it is a little non-traditional. However, it greatest difference is the subject matter, the devotions are drawn from a pretty wide spectrum of uses. For example there are meditations on scripture and letters to the editor of a newspaper. But the one thing about each meditation is that they are relentlessly biblical, God-centered, and Gospel-centered.

I noticed a few themes during my readings (these were spaced out over a four month span). To mention a few; Piper's horror over abortion (a horror I share), the supremacy of Christ in all things, the necessity and beauty of the Bible, and last the power and inevitability of suffering in the Christian life.

I used this book as a supplement to my own private worship, though it might not be what you would expect, this would be a good book to add to your quiet time. There is a power in Piper's intensity. This would also serve as a nice introduction to Piper's writing ministry.

God Bless, Jamie.

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