Friday, May 2, 2008

Great Quote by Sibbes

"What is the Gospel itself but a merciful moderation, in which Christ's obedience is esteemed ours, and our sins laid upon him, wherein God, from being a judge, becomes our Father, pardoning our sins and accepting our obedience, tough feeble and blemished? We are now brought to heaven under the covenant of grace by a way of love and mercy."

I found this to be powerful, it drove me to a greater thankfulness for a God who loved a people as lowly as we, and this sinner as lowly and tainted as I am. We deserved to be judged but we are shown mercy in Christ. Mind-boggling isn't it. We get mercy, we get heaven instead of hell, simply because God loves us in Christ. Amazing.

- From The Bruised Reed, page 36.


John Lucas said...

That is a great quote from Richard Sibbes (in case readers missed who you are talking about). I have in fact meditated on chapters in that book over the last few months, and have found it to be a great medicine in times of spiritual ill. Your ability to read a wide variety of books and discern the material wisely is a great encouragement to me. Have a few more kids and see if you can keep up the pace!

Jamie Fugate said...

John I'm sure that you are right, we have to be aware of the season of life that we are in and embrace it and use it to our utmost for the Glory of God and the outpouring of the Gospel.