Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Call Your Mom

I have a prediction that I am afraid will come true. I predict that in the coming years Mothers day and Fathers day will come under attack, unless the culture changes drastically. Women are already being told that they are failures if they want to stay home and have children and be full-time mothers instead of pursuing careers. It is pretty clear that motherhood is no longer accorded the honor that it deserves. It is a pretty short jump from saying that you should not stay home to saying that you should not have children. Remember what Sen. Obama said a few weeks in a discussion of abortion; he would not want his daughters to be punished with a child. That reveals a great deal of what he and many in the culture believe about children and motherhood.

There is another angle of attack against motherhood and fatherhood and that is the denial that there is any difference between the genders. I have heard it said that the only difference is a matter of equipment. I wonder why adults feel that they must deny what children seem to know instinctively. My three year old daughter loves to play dress up and wear adults’ shoes. Now I can hear the culture respond that she wears those princess dresses because we have encouraged it. So why does she only wear my wife’s shoes? She has never put on my shoes. Motherhood will come under attack because people believe that since we are the same in every other way, motherhood is a hindrance to women. Motherhood is seen as oppressive by many.

So I foresee Mothers Day becoming a day that feminists, liberals, and all the cultural elites will despise. But we as conservative Christians know that God gives children as a gift and it is a high calling to bring children into the world and to be a part of their shaping. So men this Sunday let’s honor our wives and mothers. Let’s make sure they know we appreciate their calling and effort. Let’s show them that they are loved and respected. So men call you mom and thank your wife.


Joshua Owen said...

Jamie, you have inadvertently rebuked me, brother. You know how I feel about preaching on Mother's Day. You have helped me to see how to capitalize on this day to the glory of God. Thank you.

Jamie Fugate said...

I have actually dveloped a love for Holiday preaching, I get the privilege of addressing what everyone in the culture is talking about and I get to shine the spotlight of God's Word on the issue at hand. It's really kind of fun, do you think I'm wierd.

jenny said...

Not every female who gives birth becomes a "true mom." It's a very difficult job, and I loved every minute of it. I was blessed to be a stay-at-home mom; and I feel as a result, I have a wonderful relationship with both our son and daughter. I am so thankful for that because it is something money definitely can't buy.