Saturday, May 17, 2008

Movie Review: Prince Caspian

Yesterday, my wife and I went to see Prince Caspian. Both of us are C.S. Lewis fans (fiction and non-fiction) and were excited and nervous about the movie. We were excited to adventure into Narnia again (we were the only adults there without a kid, ours is too young for a theater). But we were a little worried about some reviews we had read.

In terms of being an enjoyable movie, I thought that it was outstanding, lots of drama and intrigue. In terms of being faithful to Lewis I think that they were pretty faithful. There were some changes that I think were unwise, for example the rampant disbelief in Aslan and the Kings and Queen's was gone. Yet they also added some scenes that were helpful in making the transition from book to movie, I don't think Lewis would have disagreed.

The theme that stood out most to me was strength, whose you are trusting in. When the characters acted in their own strength apart from Aslan their was death and destruction, when trusted in Aslan things were marvelously effective. This is a good reminder for us, even us adults. When we act in our own strength and timing there can be nothing but frustration and failure. We must wait for God's strength and wait for His timing.

I also want to mention a scene that is actually incidental to the movie, but I felt was the most moving scene in the entire movie. In a battle scene the fight was taking place within a castle keep. The heroes need to retreat but the enemy has cut the chain holding the gate open. As it began to drop, a Minotaur sees and rushes over and catches it on his shoulders and he holds the enormous weight as many of the heroes escape. Then as King Peter escapes the gate crashes down and crushes the Minotaur. As I watched the Minotaur hold that gate while others escaped knowing that the end would be his death, I was so powerfully reminded of the gospel, of Christ suffering in my place so that I could go free. It was so powerful that I was moved to tears thanking of my savior for holding the gate for me. That scene alone is worth the price of admission, I urge you not to allow that scene to slip by you. It is powerful.

So, go see it enjoy yourself and hopefully allow yourself to be encouraged to depend on Christ in a fuller and deeper sense.

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