Sunday, May 18, 2008

Favorite Books

I am trying to be very wise about book purchases so I am asking for your help. I don't have an unlimited amount of money to spend on books or unlimited time to read, so if you would kindly let me know what your favorites are it might help me be a wise steward of the funds God has given me.

My favorite Bible commentary -

My favorite biblical studies book -

My favorite book on church history -

My favorite biography -

My favorite old book -

My favorite theology book -

My favorite devotional book -

My favorite book on evangelism -

My favorite book on preaching -

My favorite book on philosophy/apologetics -

My favorite book of fiction -

I got the idea and some of the categories from Peter Becks blog Living to God


Jamie Fugate said...

After I put up the list I thought I would put my favorites up to.

My favorite Bible commentary - Acts - John Polhill

My favorite biblical studies book -
Slave of Christ - Murray Harris

My favorite book on church history - Reforming Fundamentalism - George Marsden

My favorite biography - The Narnian (CS Lewis) - Alan Jacobs

My favorite old book - All things for good - Thomas Watson

My favorite theology book - The Cross of Christ - John Stott

My favorite devotional book - Future Grace - John Piper

My favorite book on evangelism - Tell the Truth - Will Metzger

My favorite book on preaching - Christ-Centered Preaching - Bryan Chapell

My favorite book on philosophy/apologetics - The God Who is there - Francis Schaeffer

My favorite book of fiction - The Testament - John Grisham

Joshua Owen said...

I'm not sure I have a favorite in each of these categories, but here are some books that have been of great service to me.

Bible commentary - The Book of Revelation - G. K. Beale (NIGTC)

Biblical Studies - IVP OT (2 vols. to date) & NT (4 vols.) dictionary series (e.g., Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels; Dictionary of the Later New Testament and Its Developments; Dictionary of Paul and His Letters)

Church History - A History of Christian Doctrine - Cunliff-Jones
The Story of Christianity - Olson

Biography - God's Statesman (John Owen) - Peter Toon

Old Book - The Death of Death in the Death of Christ - John Owen

Theology - Grudem

Devotional - A Godward Life - Piper

Evangelism - Capturing the Pagan Mind - Peter Jones

Preaching - Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture - Goldsworthy

Philosophy/Apologetics - Faith & Reason - Ronald Nash

Fiction - Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe

I also recommend for your library - New Dictionary of Biblical Theology (IVP); Dictionary of Biblical Imagery (IVP); Septuaginta (Ralphs)

John Lucas said...

since many of my favorites would overlap the ones listed, i am going to tell you my favorite that i have read recently:

Commentary - Daniel, Ian Duguid (REC)

Biblical Studies - Bruce Waltke, Old Testament Theology; Tom Schreiner, New Testament Theology

Church History - Uneasy in Babylon, Barry Hankins

Biography - Hiding Place, Corrie Tin Boom

Old Book - Gospel Fear, Jeremiah Burroughs

Theology - A Theology for the Church, Daniel Akin ed.

Devotional - Returning to Holiness, Greg Frizzell

Evangelism - The Gospel and Personal Evangelism, Mark Dever

Preaching - Art and Craft of Biblical Preaching, H. Robinson and C. Larson, ed.

Philosophy/Apologetics - Why Good Arguements Often Fail, James Sire

Fiction - The Murder Room, PD James

Joshua Owen said...

John, I'd love for you to write a brief review of Akin's Theology for the Church.